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About Us

The opening of a branch of the Prague company Financial Chain Corporation in Kazakhstan is a clear evidence of the demand for the services of our professionals. After all, our team remains one of the largest providers of outsourcing services in the field of finance, accounting and reporting, information technology and even international legal relations in many countries.

Some of the most important facts.

If at the very beginning of work the company provided mainly accounting services, now it is one of the few who are ready to offer more than 30 different areas of timely consultations, audits and assistance in solving non-standard situations. This confirms the correctness of the chosen path and the clear demand for professional clear services of our well-coordinated team. After all, most financial issues are intertwined with legal issues, and decisions on the conclusion of contracts affect the figures in the prepared statements.

Transition to the international level is an additional bright confirmation that we can trust all the most valuable things and cooperation with the branch of the Prague company Financial Chain Corporation in Kazakhstan is not an exception. All issues require a clear professional approach. Especially in the combination of the requirements of the applicable legislation with the most favorable taxation options and the conclusion of contractual relations.

Important details of cooperation

The main task of the work of professionals from the team of Financial Chain Corporation is due to the provision of high-quality work at an affordable price. A flexible approach to the requirements and capabilities of the client allows you to choose a clear list of services, which means that they will be available for everyone individually.

The second important advantage of our company is an integrated approach to issues and their solutions. After all, it is in our team of accountants that they actively interact with lawyers and auditors, and migration services for foreigners are provided taking into account all the current requirements of the country’s legislation. Knowledge of the nuances of their work and the ability to turn them into the benefits of new solutions is an invaluable experience and assistance that remains available to our customers.

Some more advantages…

The performance of the team is also confirmed by partnership agreements with the most popular and major software manufacturers. Among the regular customers of our team there are both small firms and large enterprises with a thousand staff, which means that professionals prefer to trust the same sought-after professionals.

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