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About us - FCHAIN

Financial Chain Corporation – is a leading company having been providing qualitative outsourcing services to Clients from different parts of the world and various business segments for 18 years.

FCHAIN specializes on several areas of outsource such as accounting and tax services; HR administration; services of registered employer, in other words outstaffing; legal; payroll and recruiting services; procurement services of any complexity; visa support services and work permits obtaining in several countries.

FCHAIN is a team of 85 qualified professionals, trained to cope with daily and nonstandard challenges in necessary enterprises’ areas of activities on time with jewelry precision. Our specialists are ready to provide first classed services in different countries. Moreover, in case of an international business, centralized cooperation with our company will give many benefits such as quick response and convenience in communication, unification in regards of quality and pricing policy.

Throughout the company’s long history, FCHAIN has proved the status of a quality brand, which allows to receive a huge range of favorable conditions, serious advantages and confidence in receiving only high-quality services.

Our experienced qualitive accountants and tax consulters, lawyers and personnel specialists are ready to help each client in achieving new horizons, high goals and profit growth.

Why outsourcing may be interesting for you and why it is better to source – out secondary processes:

  • You want to focus on the main activity of your business, without being distracted by secondary processes such as accounting, taxes, payroll, legal consulting, visa support
  • You want to reduce the staff and leave only those departments that are directly responsible for the main business process, thereby simplifying the task of organization management
  • You want to reduce organization’s expenses and close business processes for accounting, tax, personnel records in a timely, efficient and correct manner at the same time.
  • You want to be more flexible and competitive on the market, by getting rid of unnecessary responsibility of many main aspects, where hiring highly qualified specialists in this field leads to an increase in the price of the company’s final product
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