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Liquidation of company in Kazakhstan - Financial Chain Corporation

Liquidation of company in Kazakhstan

Important details of professional services when a company needs to be closed down

Only in the case of an integrated approach to dealing with situations by experienced professionals, one can count on compliance with all applicable laws and the full termination of the company’s activities. In this case, the help of specialists may concern:

  • provision of timely legal advice and legal support during negotiations and court sessions;
  • development of the most beneficial decisions on further actions of the company, as well as  full preparation of lawsuits, letters and special notifications to all the necessary regulatory bodies;
  • preparation and submission of documents to state bodies in order to obtain an order on the full liquidation of a legal entity operating in the territory of Kazakhstan.

When submitting the documents, it is necessary to have the originals of the constituent documents of the company, copies of the identity documents of its founders and a mandatory receipt confirming the payment of the state fee. The list of constituent documents includes the Certificate of State Registration, the Charter, Certificate of Assignment of TIN and the current seal of the legal entity.

Procedure for closing down a LLP

The basis for the commencement of the procedure itself can be a decision by the company management or its founders, depending on the rights prescribed in the company’s Charter or the articles of incorporation. A company, in particular a LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) may be closed down, if:

  • a liquidation commission is formed;
  • absolutely all accounting and financial records are in full order;
  • company liquidation balance sheet is compiled;
  • bank accounts are closed;
  • relations with all counterparties are settled;
  • all debt obligations of the company are repaid.

At the same time, the company should be prepared for scrupulous inspections by the Tax Committee and other regulatory bodies. First, a clear audit of the company’s work should be carried out with the provision of certain options for resolving the situation. In any other case, only a very attentive and responsible specialist will be able to adequately assess the entire problem and bring the initiated compulsory liquidation of the company to a logical conclusion with the obligatory signing of all necessary documents.

Bankruptcy and liquidation of an organization

Separate specialist assistance is needed if liquidation through a bankruptcy of an enterprise with debts to counterparties is planned. In such cases, the procedure of liquidation of the enterprise is possible, based on the initiative of one of the creditors, the state body or the founders of the company. At the same time, it will be impossible to avoid lengthy court sessions, trials and lengthy inspections, accompanied by emotional overstrain. The ability to entrust all the work to proven professionals will not only save your own time and effort, but will also preserve your own reputation and financial resources as much as possible.

After filing an application for the liquidation of the company and the conduct of all inspections, the founder must receive a certificate of the absence of any debts to the Tax Committee or any other supervisory bodies from the state.


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