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HR services in Kazakhstan - Financial Chain Corporation

Along with the mandatory conduct of business activities, personnel administration is also compulsory for any enterprise.

Requirements for Human Resources administration are becoming stricter from year to year, although often many business owners do not suspect possible responsibilities and fines for incorrect or untimely execution of HR documents. As it is known, ignorance of laws, including the labor code, does not exempt entrepreneurs from responsibility for violations

In order to execute labor contracts, orders, acts, decisions and other personnel documents timely and correctly, the company needs experienced specialists who know the labor code and have experience in personnel business. Moreover, the law of mandatory labor contract registration on online government portal came into force.  Generally, HR administration is, in fact, a rather routine and time-consuming process; accordingly, it involves hiring at least one full-time HR manager in the company. Depending on the size of the total staff of enterprise, the company may need HR department with appropriate salaries, tax payments, organization of work space etc.

We propose to entrust the staff management of your enterprise to an experienced team of professionals and get competent human resource management of your enterprise. By ordering the service of personnel administration in FCHAIN, the Client receives the execution of all the necessary documentation on time, the subsequent correct storage of the documentation and significant savings in time, money and energy.

Qualified HR specialists in FCHAIN are ready to take over all concerns and organize a process of HR administration from the scratch or maintain the HR process that has been set already. Our team consists of experienced professionals who know all the intricacies of HR administration in Kazakhstan. We use forms of personnel documents that are fully aligned with the current legislation and the labor code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the process of cooperation, we guarantee the timely preparation of the necessary documents as soon as possible after receiving the application. You will not need to delve into the intricacies of the process, while your company will function in accordance with the law, avoiding unnecessary costs.


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