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Details of HR services and personnel records from FCHAIN professionals

The opportunity not to task non-core employees with personnel accounting responsibilities and save on the cost of maintaining the entire department is one of the weighty arguments in favor of the professionalism of FCHAIN employees who perform HR services in Kazakhstan for their clients.

Features of the services offered by FCHAIN specialists

A team of experts experienced in the preparation of documents and reports on the movement of personnel for companies of different patterns of ownership has the experience and knowledge of current laws. At the same time, it necessarily observes the main principles of responsibility and attentiveness to the received requests, as well as the wishes of its customers.


Due to this, the management of enterprises can count on:

  • timely and proper preparation of all necessary reporting on the movement of personnel and its transfer to the appropriate structures;
  • absolute integrity and openness on the part of FCHAIN HR experts;
  • guaranteed protection against any unexpected problems, fines and delays in filing reports and paying taxes.

The activity of our company is based on the availability of a comprehensive internal work control system, its quality and compliance with the current legislation of Kazakhstan. This is exactly what allows FCHAIN customers to move into the category of regular consumers of services, and the company itself to remain the leader among competitors.

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