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Accounting services in Kazakhstan - Financial Chain Corporation

Due to business processes acceleration, increasing competition, general crisis and, overall, toughening the business environment, more companies prefer to outsource accounting and tax departments, and there is a powerful reason for that.

If the earlier question was to outsource accounting and tax department or to hire a staff accountant based on the size of business and business model of enterprise, which plays important role, but now things are different. As it always has been, the correct way of accounting and tax reports preparation requires qualified specialists with an appropriate level of wages. Specialists with good knowledge of English and high skills in accounting have their salary requests increasing considerably. Apart of large manufacturing businesses, often, most companies do not need a full-time accountant and hiring a good one obligates the company to pay a full 180-hour monthly wage, taxes, annual leave and bear expenses of work place and office equipment purchase.

We offer to economy in a smart way: timely and correctly receive everything that is necessary for the company regarding accounting and tax services and avoid overpayment. FCHAIN is a team of high qualified professionals with good knowledge of English, who takes over the most challenging processes of your organization. Being an official partner of 1C, FCHAIN offers first-class accountants’ services with the correct maintenance of the accounting base in the 1C program.

When choosing accounting services from FCHAIN, our Client receives quick and accurate consultations on every matter of accounting and tax services as a bonus, which gives a big competitive advantage in decisions making. Obviously, within the framework of civil and tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Director of enterprise is responsible for any activity of his company, but it is much more convenient to make correct and effective decisions, having in support a professional provider of accounting and consulting services.

As part of the service contract for the provision of accounting services, FCHAIN takes full responsibility for the correctness of any of its actions or consultations. Having familiarized yourself with FCHAIN’s contract for accounting support, our Client can be convinced of the seriousness of our approach to our duties, our readiness to prove our level in practice, as well as the ability to take responsibility for our work. We guarantee safe and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Being located in Almaty, FCHAIN team provides accounting services for business throughout Kazakhstan, with the best specialists and experience in accounting services for Clients from various business areas: manufacturing, various services and trade, franchises, state companies, non-profit organizations and companies participating in AIFC (Astana International Financial Centre). Having unique methods of providing services, developed over 18 years of successful practice in several countries of CIS and Europe, we offer excellent ratio of high quality and reasonable price which in the competitive accounting outsourcing market in Kazakhstan puts us far ahead against the background of numerous competing accounting companies. FCHAIN offers cooperation that will help your business reach the next level.


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