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Precision and perfection are the main principles of accounting services from FCHAIN professionals.

Financial and tax reporting procedures require special care, correctness of filling and timely delivery.  Lack of risk of charging unwanted fines and sanctions depends exactly on this. An additional important advantage of the decision to entrust all the work to FCHAIN professionals is the opportunity to devote as much time as possible to the business itself, its development and the search for new ways to expand.

Accounting services provided by FCHAIN professionals are not only accurate accounting of primary documentation and preparation of payment orders to pay mandatory contributions, but also the ability to adequately assess situations, correctly predict possible risks and readiness to help only in those issues that are necessary for this particular client.

Detailing the accounting services provided by FCHAIN specialists in Kazakhstan

Professional accounting services in Kazakhstan are primarily needed by foreign businessmen and new companies with no experienced accountant in their staff. This is due to the need to clearly understand all the nuances and details of the applicable legislation, so as not to miss any important detail in the reports. Outsourcing of accounting services is the most complete version of confiding of all accounting details and work to proven professionals. Among the available accounting services from FCHAIN in Kazakhstan, it is important to highlight:

  • full and correct accounting support of all financial and economic activities of the client company;
  • ability to quickly and correctly restore tax accounting with the mandatory removal of arrests and the closure of sanctions, if any;
  • provision of clear expert advice on financial, tax and legal decisions;
  • organization of full accounting for new companies;
  • preparation and submission of reports to regulatory authorities in Kazakhstan.

How serious a problem is and how it can be solved taking into account the requirements of the applicable legislation can only be determined by contacting each individual client. This is what the cost of accounting services in Kazakhstan depends on, as well as the final list of functions that the FCHAIN specialist will perform.

Important advantages of the work of professionals from the FCHAIN company

Experience, skills and constant urge for self-improvement allow the company staff to work successfully, both with individual entrepreneurs and large joint-stock companies. At the same time, the price of the service itself depends entirely on the list of functions performed by specialists, due to which outsourcing of accounting services in Kazakhstan remains affordable for almost every applicant client.

It is important to note the following among the important advantages of commissioning accounting work to proven professionals:

  • possibility of saving costs for the maintenance of a separate leased premise, in which a full-time specialist would work, as well as for providing his activities with office equipment, office and many other conveniences;
  • absolute absence of risks of the appearance of any sanctions and fines, for example, due to incorrect or untimely submitted reports to regulatory authorities;
  • ability to understand the details and nuances of the current legislation of Kazakhstan with a clear tracking of all adopted changes that only true professionals can do;;
  • opportunity to check the qualification and general correctness of accounting in the enterprise in order to avoid problems and various sanctions in the future.

The ability to clearly define tasks and choose the most correct approach to working with FCHAIN clients also allows you to choose the most appropriate option for calculating taxes and generating payment orders for all mandatory contributions. Even after the provision of services and the termination of the contract, professionals are ready to consult client companies, which mean that the risk of problems remains minimal.

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