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Accounting Recovery

Recovery of accounting is a set of specific actions aimed at studying the problem of conducting financial activities in the company, as well as selection and implementation of ways to establish it. Such a need may arise for various reasons, but the result of the work done necessarily involves the adjustment of all business processes in the enterprise, the closing of the accrued fines and the possibility of full-fledged delivery of regular reports to all the necessary authorities. Professionalism in this case allows you to take into account all the possible nuances of the problem, and also significantly reduces the time to search for solutions.

The recovery of accounting and further accounting services by a trained specialist is necessary, if:

  • the company has no financial department or at least an experienced accountant;
  • personnel change too often, and the takeover and transfer of financial and accounting cases is conducted with errors or is absent altogether;;
  • there is no detailing (interpretation) of the balance items and tax reporting items as of the date of transfer of cases to the new specialist;
  • annual reports are not prepared and are not submitted, according to which taxes and other contributions to the supervising state authorities are paid on an obligatory basis;
  • the skill level of the employed specialists is insufficient, e.g. there are no forms for registering and sorting the source documents being processed;
  • there are errors in filling out documents and certificates or some of them have been lost;
  • the staff specialist did his work using unlicensed accounting programs.

Recovery of firms’ business accounting and tax accounting may also be needed, if the work of an accountant was not controlled by the director or business owner.

Procedure for accounting recovery

It is extremely important to entrust recovery of accounting statements to local proven professionals, because they will be able to adequately assess the scale of the problem and select the quickest and most correct way to resolve the issue of the closure of sanctions and fines with further full-fledged work of the company regarding the regulatory authorities. The cost of accounting recovery in Kazakhstan depends on the degree of the problem itself, but it is always more profitable and better than the long-term payment of accrued fines without the possibility of further development of the company.

Recovery of tax accounting and further accounting services is possible only after such stages of negotiations as:

  1. Meeting with the client and a preliminary analysis of the available source documents and used 1C accounting and electronic databases.
  2. Determination of the scope of work (full or partial recovery of missing documents), time necessary to complete the work and the price of the service itself.
  3.  Conclusion of a contract with a clear definition of liability and guarantees from each of the parties.

Flexible individual approach to each client allows the company to offer the most advantageous list of the work being carried out, since only some accounting advice and recommendations for further work can often save the situation. In other cases, such accounting services consist in a thorough verification of each contract with the mandatory recovery of all missing documents and references. In such cases, time and again you have to seek help from the counterparties of the client company.

When processing documents, an audit of each component of accounting is required. This concerns not only financial calculations, but also their compliance with management documents (orders and contracts concluded with personnel). Accounting outsourcing can also concern the verification of the correctness of banking operations and the documentary support of all personnel movements in the company.

Taxes and Accounting

Practically, recovered bookkeeping and tax accounting in Kazakhstan provides for correction of errors and streamlined performance of the programs used, as well as preparation for signing real financial and tax reporting. In addition, specialists develop registries for further documentation and correct forms for paying mandatory taxes and fees. The ability to order audit services is often used to prevent the same fines and sanctions due to the incorrect work of a full-time accountant or financial department.

Depending on the extent of the problem, not only experienced accountants, but also tax specialists, auditors and lawyers may be involved in accounting recovery. In this case, you can count on the fact that the procedure for recovering records and reports will be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the applicable national legislation.

Effective recommendations on the proper management of all cases are necessarily given to full-time employees of the company in order to prevent similar problems in the future. As an alternative, accounting services from proven professionals are always available to clients. However, order and calmness of the management is guaranteed. The final stage of such services is the signing of an acceptance certificate and the transfer of all documents back to the company.


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