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Outsourcing and outstaffing in Kazakhstan - Financial Chain Corporation

Nowadays most of the successful business models can’t exist without increase of production turnover of goods and services, adaptation in territory of its country and entering another countries and continents markets.

If earlier, starting a business in the hometown, business didn’t leave the city, or at maximum, the country and it prospered in a particular way, now most of the businesses can’t survive or need to accept low profits without developing on foreign markets.

In modern realities, the development of the international market is not just foresight, as it was 5-10 years ago, but an urgent need. We all know that expansion of any business we need a labor force, but what if the company just wants to test waters and is not ready to register itself and hire employees in another country? At the same time, the enterprise would like to have a loyal staff and provide guarantees of official employment for its employees in new countries. Here we come up with a simple decision – the service of Employer of Records.

There are some other conditions, when an enterprise may need the services of Registered Employer or, in other words, demand in staff leasing. For instance, the company has a timely limited project and due to the company’s structure, it is difficult and impractical to open a new staffing unit in the company, in this case temporary staff will help.

Another reason is unwillingness to increase the staff in order to avoid increased requirements and tax rates from the state. Perhaps, the company would like to maintain the flexibility of a small company without cluttering up its daily workflow with many huge departments?

Maybe there is a need to reduce the HR department partially or completely in order to optimize the processes and costs of the enterprise? Or there is a need to hire a foreign specialist and at the same time there is no time and desire to delve into migration and visa processes and it is important to save the indicator of local content in goods and services?

The Employer of Records service solves many issues regarding the personnel as efficiently and comfortably as possible for all parties. The owner of the business has indispensable officially hired staff, accompanying security guarantees, employee loyalty and at the same time significantly saving money, time and energy for organizing or reorganizing a business in a new or own country. From another side, employees receive all the benefits of official employment: social guarantees and timely payments, all the necessary tax and pension contributions. All parties of this cooperation are protected by the law and other regulators operating in the country of receiving outstaffing services, as well as the terms of the service contract for the provision of personnel from FCHAIN.

All that needs to be done to receive all the valuable benefits of outstaffing services in Kazakhstan is to send an application to FCHAIN specialists with a description of the required staff and an indication of the country in which employees are needed. For more than 18 years, the FCHAIN team has been specializing in the provision of outstaffing services, or in other words, staff leasing in several countries, and for 2 years FCHAIN  has been providing the service of an Employer of Records in Kazakhstan.

We guarantee quality and efficiency, full compliance with legislation and security of cooperation for each side. As part of this service, FCHAIN provides full support to employees when applying for a job, personnel support, social support and assistance in adaptation. A bonus for the Client in addition to the obvious advantages, is the absence of the need to find suitable personnel, since recruiting service is part of the responsibility of FCHAIN team. The Employer of Records service in the Republic of Kazakhstan from FCHAIN is a guarantee of high quality, safety and comfortable cooperation.


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