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Accounting services with FCHAİN

The range of services provided by our professionals

Accounting services

Bookkeeping and tax accounting stipulates mandatory preparation of reports, formation of clear rules for registering original documentation, as well as creation of the necessary payment orders.
The attentiveness and professionalism of the specialists allows to completely restore the company’s books with the closure of all fines and sanctions, if necessary.

Auditing services

Timely verification of the correctness of the financial and economic accounting of an enterprise is the best prevention of undesirable risks and financial losses. If there are any violations, the client can always count on timely advice and assistance to prevent them in the future.
At the same time, the work of company employees is always professionalism, responsibility, integrity and guaranteed protection of the confidentiality of all processed data.

Legal services

Registration of new legal entities on the territory of Kazakhstan with further support and advice on legal issues.

HR services

Qualification training is considered one of the key components of successful business development. That is why the formation of requirements for vacancies and a clear selection of candidates should be entrusted to professionals. They are also able to constantly monitor the state of the labor market and be able to offer options for additional training of staff, improving their skills and knowledge.

Outsourcing and Outstaffing

The ability to entrust all the routine work to proven free-lance professionals gives the manager a chance to maximize focus on business development and finding new solutions.

Our services are always available!

We are trying to find such an option to resolve issues that would optimize the cost of the maximum result.

Six good arguments in our favor

Comprehensive approach

The whole team of proven experts was involved in the process of studying the issue and developing optimal solutions.

Only the best work for us.

Careful processing of resumes and numerous interviews allow the company to select only the most reliable specialists.

Multi-level quality control of services provided

Absolutely all company employees undergo compulsory training and appropriate certification of knowledge and skills, which is necessary for full-fledged work and fulfillment of duties in the future.

One-stop-shop principle

An individual manager will work with each of our clients, clearly coordinating the solution of all the questions posed and achieving the client’s goals.

Absolute confidentiality preservation

The guarantee of the absolute safety of personal and financial customer data remains relevant even after the completion of cooperation and provision of professional services.

Use of advanced technology developments

This allows to guarantee the use of the most secure communication channels, multi-stream data processing, as well as a clear definition of optimal solutions.

Why cooperate with FCHAIN? Is it always beneficial?

Guaranteed comprehensive and necessarily attentive approach of professionals to customer issues.

Flexibility in forming clear tasks for specialists regarding individual client requirements, which in turn reflects on cost.

The ability to learn from the experience of professional colleagues, taking into account the characteristics and requirements of local legislation.

Did the existing bookkeeping and tax accounting lead to problems and require full recovery?

Does the company not have a clear system of management accounting and assignment of responsibilities?

Are there reasons to worry before the upcoming tax audit?

Isn’t there any way to adequately assess the accuracy of existing bookkeeping and tax accounting?

Are there any questions and problems concerning implementation of 1C software?

Do you want to open an account or a company abroad in order to optimize financial transactions?

Are there any problems in the organization of operating and administrative expenses?

Our clients

If accounting is entrusted to professionals, then there is every chance for growth and development of the company itself!

Specialists consider all possible resources for reducing tax payments and assessed contributions.

Establishing clear management accounting

Automation of management reporting by introducing into practice analytical tables and calculations based on 1C.

It is important to entrust search of the best personnel and paperwork professionals at the earliest opportunity.

Recovery of bookkeeping and tax accounting in real time

Closing of sanctions and fines with payment of debts is carried out for the speedy recovery of the enterprise’s performance with further fulfillment of all duties and the correction of errors.

An opportunity to entrust the entire routine to a proven professional

In this case, there is every chance to forget about the risks, worries and possible undesirable fines from regulatory authorities.

All attention to the details!

The ability to understand the nuances of applicable legislation allows designing the most advantageous version of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise.

What is there to do? How does it all happen?

Execution of the application

After sending the application on our website, the manager will contact you in advance and clarify all the details.


Personal acquaintance or the transfer of documents in a stipulated way is necessary for a thorough study of the issue and the current state of affairs. Thereafter, this influences the development of solutions to the problem and the appropriate time constraints for this.

Conclusion of a contract

The signing of the agreement guarantees quality of the result, as well as confidentiality of the data used in the work.

Do you have any questions?

Write to us!

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