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One of the most complicated duty of HR specialist is recruitment for open positions.

Everything is more challenging, if there is not a professional recruitment specialist and selection of personnel is carried out by director or business owner.

If a suitable employee is needed, the conformity of the applicant to the level of education and professional skills are not enough, it is also necessary to check the candidate for the similarity of his views with the company’s vision, determine if the personal goals of the applicant are similar to the goals of the potential employer.

How to understand if the skills put forward by the applicant correspond to reality and are not embellished to get the desired job? Would the hired employee later turn out to be a negligent performer or instigator of interpersonal conflicts in the team?

Good personnel are the key to the success and prosperity of the company. And well-coordinated work of the team is competently selected professionals with similar values, goals and sufficient psychological maturity. To select the right employee, it is necessary to conduct several stages of an interview, a stress test and psychological tests.

We offer to delegate selecting personnel to the professionals’ hands of FCHAIN recruitment agency in Kazakhstan. Outsourcing of recruitment process is an effective solution that guarantees the availability of first-class personnel, with a high level of loyalty to the Employer, well-coordinated and efficient work of employees and high performance of the company respectively.

Financial Chain Corporation has been providing recruitment services for over 18 years in the CIS and Central European markets.

Using effective recruiting methods, the FCHAIN team of professionals has been providing recruitment services in Kazakhstan since 2019.

As the personnel selection services in the Republic of Kazakhstan we conduct few stages:

  • Checking for compliance with education, required experience and professional skills
  • Test for stress resistance
  • Having the skill of client-orientation
  • Compliance with the values and psychological climate of the client company
  • Psychological tests for the ability to work solo or in a team, diligence and creativity, clarity and level of performance, psychological maturity
  • Any other professional tests ordered by the Client

According to the results of multilevel tests, we provide a checklist with the most suitable applicants describing the professional and personal qualities of each candidate. After feedback on completed work, we schedule an interview between the selected candidates and the responsible employee of the Client.

During all stages our recruitment company controls the selecting process, take into consideration and work on Client’s comments and at the last stage of the interview, Client chooses a future employee withing the best candidates, existed on the labor market.

FCHAIN recruitment team provides the services of selecting management and highly specialized personnel of any complexity. We are responsible for qualitative and timely closing of positions and we give a guarantee for the provided working personnel.


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