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Payroll services in Kazakhstan - Financial Chain Corporation - Kazakhstan

Payroll services in Kazakhstan

Calculation of salary and corresponding salary taxes, preparation and submission of tax and statistical reports is a mandatory complex of difficult activities on a monthly basis for each enterprise, requiring certain qualification of an accountant. This volume of work needs to be done systematically by minimum of one payroll specialist. Sometimes, depending on the company’s staff, there might be demand in payroll department. However, practice shows that there is no need to keep specialists on staff, since there is a clear schedule of calculations and payments.

Услуги по расчету заработной платы в Казахстане

In order to proceed payroll processes and tax in Kazakhstan, one needs to know norms of the tax legislation of Kazakhstan, principles of payroll, tax calculating and have experience in the preparation of tax and statistical reporting. More and more companies use additional employee reward systems to increase motivation, which complicates the payroll calculator. Considering the variety of ways of doing business, there are many systems of payroll management.

Another important point regarding payroll is confidentiality. Many years of different companies’ experience show that it is not possible to maintain confidentiality, if payroll process is made in-house and salary information may be easy to access. Salary data leak among the personnel affects employees’ motivation negatively, then the productivity of the company, as a result, the most important indicator of any enterprise – the level of profit.

Payroll outsourcing in Kazakhstan is much more efficient than independent calculation of this process. As it is known, attractiveness of the employer on the labor market doesn’t depend only on the size of salary, but also on the regularity and timeliness of the payments. By ordering a service from FCHAIN, without spending time and effort searching for the right specialist, without delving into the complex aspects of the process, avoiding the cost of organizing a workplace, the Client pays only the cost of the service itself, receives an accurate calculation, maximum confidentiality and timely preparation and submission of all necessary reports.

FCHAIN offers high quality Payroll service and the schedule of payments in your company doesn’t influence FCHAIN work. Your organization may make Payroll every month, week or every decade of the month, even once in a half of a month – our specialists are always ready to prepare correct calculation on time, as well as all subsequent tax and statistical reports will be submitted on time. For accurate salary and tax calculation we use special payroll software in 1C system. Based on our company’s many years of experience in providing services, FCHAIN payroll specialists ensure accuracy, timeliness, flexibility, individual approach and uninterrupted results.


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