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Accounting support in Kazakhstan - Financial Chain Corporation

Accounting support as one of the most important aspects of success

Accurate compliance with the requirements for accounting of primary documents and financial and economic activities requires from companies not only the cost of renting premises and searching for qualified personnel, but also a clear correspondence to the applicable legislation. In this particular situation, it is considered safer and more profitable to entrust bookkeeping on outsourcing basis to proven professionals.

Indeed, in that event, the client company has the opportunity to spend more time and energy on its own development and expansion of the business, remaining confident that accounting is carried out correctly, and reporting is delivered on time. The main advantage of cooperation with FCHAIN professionals is the flexible pricing of the assistance itself, since accounting is carried out exclusively to the extent necessary for the customer, which means that the cost of accounting services from professionals in Kazakhstan remains always affordable.

Detailing the work of professionals

The very first thing a professional should do in the case of outsourcing an accounting job is to study the current situation and find the most profitable and quick solution of problems. Only after determining the scope of functions and necessary actions of a specialist can one proceed to the preparation and conclusion of a contract. In the process of accounting by FCHAIN employees, one should expect:

  • requirements to provide all primary documents and bills related to the display of financial and economic activities of the company (consignment bills, bank statements, invoices, tax invoices, acts of acceptance and transfer of goods or services);
  • checking the correctness of records of the data used in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation in Kazakhstan;
  • registration and implementation (or recovery) procedures for automated accounting;
  • creation of rules and formation of registers, as well as filling in of primary documents in accordance with all requirements (advance reports, cash documents, accounting of received and issued tax invoices);
  • control of missing documents and restoration of the complete data package necessary for further work.

Payroll preparation must be highlighted as one of the most in-demand functions of a professional accountant, as well as the preparation and timely delivery of correct reports to the tax and other regulatory bodies. At the same time, timely advice on concluding contracts and drafting documents remains equally important.

Important benefits of such trust

The search for a smart accountant with an ideal knowledge of all the nuances of the applicable legislation of Kazakhstan can take a lot of time and effort. If all the accounting is entrusted to reliable specialists, then you can be confident in your own protection from unpleasant surprises in the form of fines and sanctions from regulatory authorities.

Saving expenses on a separate office and office supplies for an accountant or an entire group of employees makes it possible to invest in their own development, and timely consulting of professionals will ensure the preparation and signing of such contractual obligations in which the client company will minimize all risks of possible losses.

The most important thing in the business is to trust professionals, which means it remains only to call and arrange a meeting with representatives of FCHAIN, one of the best outsourcing companies in Kazakhstan.


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