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Taxation and accounting consultations in Kazakhstan - FCHAİN

Consultations on accounting and taxation in Kazakhstan

Online accountant consultations are held in real time, which means there is always an opportunity to prevent a mistake and prevent it from recurring in the future. This is especially important with proper filling out of tax reports and their timely submission to regulatory authorities. The dialogue itself can be conducted either by phone or via Skype, or by e-mail. It is important that the accountant advice itself is as comprehensive as possible, with an allowance for the possible nuances. That is why specialist work includes also legal and tax advice to the client company.

Accounting consulting in Kazakhstan

Professional advice on accounting for companies is necessary, if management does not know or doubts:

  • what tax and other contributions should be made based on the sphere of employment and the scale of the turnover of funds;
  • where and in what time period the prepared reports should be submitted;
  • how to correctly form payment orders for payments;
  • is it possible to change the tax regime applied to the company to a more accessible one and what exactly is needed for this;
  • what are the possible fines and sanctions;
  • how competent and properly working is the existing staff accountant in the company;
  • is there a need to marshal papers in accounting and what exactly is needed for this.

An experienced accounting consultant in Kazakhstan will surely help out if a staff specialist first encounters a non-standard situation and doubts, and it will take a lot of time, which is usually not enough, to search for an answer in different sources of information. In this case, the procedure carried out is necessarily accompanied by guaranteed quality, which means that the documents will be in perfect order.

When choosing accounting services firms, it is extremely important to be able to discern real professionals with guaranteed responsibility for absolutely all the details of the work. Only in this case, errors and very undesirable fines on the part of the controlling authorities can be avoided. Separate attention to financial matters and clear advice on accounting in Kazakhstan are necessary for companies owned by foreigners.

Online Accountant Advice

Consultations on accounting and taxation are relevant for the timely resolution of issues arising in the course of financial and economic activities. This may concern not only the execution of documents and nuances for concluding contracts with counterparties, but also current changes in the national legislation and directly reports on taxes and mandatory contributions.

The online accountant advice provides a full-fledged dialogue with a specialist by phone, if the question relates to personnel, bookkeeping or tax accounting. At the same time, the client company can always get specific answers to their questions and, thanks to real professionals, always stay abreast of the latest changes in their work, regarding new edits and requirements. If questions arise very often, or the competence of the company’s accountant is in doubt, the company is ready to offer professional accounting outsourcing in Kazakhstan with a clear list of work performed by a specialist.

Among the most demanded questions of accountants, which need professional advice, the following should be highlighted:

  • keeping records of original documents;;
  • development of regulations that control the feedback relations between employees;
  • establishment of accounting policies with the organization of document control and direct processing of original documents;
  • assistance in the buildup of financial, personnel and tax reporting;
  • carrying out the correct calculation of all envisaged taxes and fees, as well as determining the intervals for their payment;
  • assistance in the proper preparation of tax returns;
  • verification of  correctness of contracts and transactions.

The cost of consulting services of an accountant directly depends on the degree of complexity of the issue and the time required correcting it. Moreover, only true professionals will succeed in doing everything as correctly as possible, quickly and necessarily reliably. An additional advantage of the work of specialists is the ability of the client to rely on the confidentiality of all received and processed information, which means that the client himself will be pleased with the result.


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