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Drafting and editing of contracts in Kazakhstan - FCHAİN

Important features of the proper drafting of contracts and rules for their verification

The need to properly draw up an agreement in compliance with the stipulated rights and obligations is connected with the desire to avoid risks or possible sanctions of any of the parties. Timely legal advice is necessary if a property donation agreement or a separate service agreement is prepared. Mostly, such a specialist is necessary when the company prepares and concludes an employment contract with each hired employee. After all, it is in such cases that it is extremely important to comply with the requirements of the applicable legislation of Kazakhstan, and also to be able to clearly define all the rights and obligations of each party.

Important details of legal assistance in drafting contracts

Legal advice in the development of contracts due to the complexity of the process, requiring special knowledge and skills of the professional. Whatever the agreement expenses with a lawyer, it always costs much less than all the possible risks and losses of one of the parties to the signed agreement. A capable lawyer can:

  • advise on the choice of the form and type of the agreement , for example, how to draw up a deed of gift or an apartment purchase and sale contract;
  • assess the importance and risks of all possible nuances of the future contract in advance;
  • analyze the agreement and minimize the possible risks of his client;
  • fully take into account the interests of the client in the agreement with the counterparty;
  • draft a contract directly and check the correctness of the procedure for its signing;
  • check the compliance of contractual obligations with the applicable legislation of the country;
  • provide verification of existing contracts and make decisions about their improvement (if necessary);
  • guarantee a thorough check of the purity of the transfer of rights to the object of a future transaction from a legal point of view;
  • develop and make all necessary changes to the contract, in which the planned transaction will be as correct and safe for the client as possible.

In any of the forms of contracts there are a number of important nuances that only experienced professionals know about, and in such cases professional legal services will never be superfluous. This is especially true of agreements on the transfer of ownership, which must necessarily be registered with the relevant state bodies. Scrupulousness to detail and the utmost attentiveness of specialists allows us to develop or conduct an inspection of contracts within a few days. At the same time, an individual approach to the requirements and wishes of the client allows us to consider the possibility of an urgent solution of the issue with the mandatory preservation of its effectiveness.

Features of professionalism in the procedure of drawing up and registration of contracts

The guaranteed quality of the work carried out is always highly appreciated not only by regular but also by new clients of the company. At the same time, the readiness to provide only the necessary assistance allows us to make the service accessible and acceptable to practically every customer who applied. Among the most popular legal services the following must be noted:

  • development of a single or a typical contract according to customer requirements;
  • consideration and verification of the already signed contracts with the development of solutions to conflict situations or disagreements between the parties;
  • execution of additional agreements and making the necessary changes with prior approval of the customer’s counterparty.

It is essential that the following is referred to the list of the most required forms of agreements where qualified legal assistance is needed to draw up contracts:

contract for the provision of services or the purchase and sale of goods;

  • works contract;
  • employment contract;
  • lease of premises;
  • leasing, loan, rental, exchange contract;
  • supply or freight contract;
  • agency contract.

Separate attention should be given to the development and execution of the memorandum of association, which is necessary when registering new companies in Kazakhstan, as well as having the opportunity to make additions to it, for example, in case of reorganization.

The benefits of using legal services from real professionals

The ability to entrust all the work to an experienced professional allows each client to save time, effort and money that would be spent on travel to the notary and long waiting in large queues. This also provides for savings on the payment of notarial registration of contracts. An experienced lawyer will always be able to correctly evaluate the specifics of the contract and clearly explain to each of the parties all possible risks and consequences of the signed deal, and therefore will help prevent any troubles in the future.


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